We've been proudly serving clients in the Hamilton and Burlington area of Ontario for

over 12 years!

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D. Hills Sales - is a Digital Main Street approved vendor.

This allows Ontario businesses to access services of  local SEO and Google 

Business Profile Optimization and Google Business Profile Management services 

funded through the Ontario Grant program.

we're an approved vendor with Digital Main Street that helps 

businesses and entrepreneurs adopt digital tools and 

establish a more Effective online presence.

Many Approved Vendors say they Focus specifically on

Local SEO and Google Business Profiles in Ontario,

but few are Google Business Profile specialists.

you are looking to increase your authority in Local

Search Results Page and on Google Maps, we can Help.

to be considered for the grant, a business has to fulfill
several requirements:

  •  the business needs to be registered and operating in Ontario,
  •  the business owner must be a citizen or resident of Canada
  •  the business must not supply digital marketing services
  •  completing the Digital Transformation for Main Street program, which includes an assessment, an eligibility test, online training and developing a digital transformation plan.

Following the steps of the application process is vital, as qualification is essential for approval.

Upon receiving the grant, businesses can choose vendors, such as D. Hills Sales, to help with their online marketing. We are a Hamilton, Ontario based business that specializes IN:

  • content creation focusing on social video
  • optimizing and managing Google My Business profiles
  • LinkedIn Company Page management
  • LinkedIn Personal Page consulting
  • and more. For the last 9 years we’ve been helping small businesses from their startup through to meeting their marketing goals.

As a digital marketing vendor for Digital Main Street, 

D. Hills Sales emphasize OUR mission to help

businesses grow, establish Their voice online, and find

success in the digital world. 

We encourage businesses that meet the requirements 

of the grant to apply and begin Increasing 

their online Authority.

Contact us to set up a time to talk here.

Have you Updated and optimized your Google Business profile?

Your Google Business Profile or GBP is the first thing that is Displayed in mobile search results. 

You Can't afford to ignore  this Critical profile. 

It's Highly Visible Content Including reviews, photos and videos added by you and your followers is Visible when someone searches for your business.

Do you know how your business appears?

Ignoring the first info that searchers see is no Longer  optional for your business to grow. 

If you don't know how or aren't sure how to proceed, we have the knowledge and experience to help. 

Providing Social Media and Social Video production, and Digital Media Management expertise for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google Business Profile and Google Maps, that works to increase the communication of your brand's marketing messages. 

both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) channels want to appear in relevant results.

TIP: Responding to reviews and regularly updating your profile works to increasing your authority in local search results.

YES, Your business can become more 'findable' and authoritative looking in the Search results.

ON Each Social site Videos are viewed differently; Formatting, headlines, text and video content tailored for each platform to maximize viewing time and impact is Essential.

Our experience with community building, and social vidEo

 production will work to promote your business's products and services more effectively.

  • Social Media Management,

  • Content Creation

  • Content Curation

  • Social Video Production

  • Social Media Photography

  • Social Media Strategy

  • and management of your social media accounts.

Here's an example of how content is viewed differently when video is used.

Video is more engaging, receives more attention and communicates your message more effectively than a line of text, or a photo. Posting Original videos (Not Links) ON Your social media pages organically on each site increases the Reach of each post.

Social media had changed how our businesses are viewed. The need to effectively communicate your marketing messages has become more critical.

Which digital media platforms should your business focus on:

What are your goals? Who are your target clients?

Insights and Analytics

Once you're posting regularly, do you know how anddo you have the time to measure your effectiveness through your online channels?

Understanding which Insights or metrics show progress to reaching your goals and which are now irrelevant is key.

Which metrics are vanity and which have meaning? An

experienced social media manager has the knowledge to

help cut through the vanity metrics and confusion, anD

to understand the impact of your messages.

Online video or social video adds a little complexity while increasing engagement potential with your messages.

Building online brands and communities, that leads to increased followers and higher engagement is what we've been working on for over 10 years from our office in Hamilton, Ontario. 


A leadership role in an international social media campaign, has provided a skill-set that offers small and medium sized businesses to ability to gain control of their online profiles and presences with the goal of increasing client's findability.

Was Appointed to as a Court Qualified Expert Witness in regards to a dispute of a Google Business Profile and reviews provided by clients. 

Reviews From Happy Clients

We have two or three clients a week coming in because of the videos we post.

- Steve from The Auto Station in Burlington

He's very patient, articulate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what he does. In a short time, he was able to provide usable information and recommendations, which I can immediately implement.

- Andreana from Hamilton, Ontario

Congratulations on the 10,000th tweet today. You alone have built this account into a great resource for the organization.

- Al from Hamilton, Ontario.

David's expertise has been most valuable. Not only is he friendly and easy to talk with, his knowledge of utilizing social Media to its full potential goes well beyond surface-level. He has an incredible understanding of the ever changing algorithms and inner workings of social platforms, and has been especially helpful in outlining best practices for Google MY Business. His ability to identify actionable changes in strategy to increase traffic and sales is communicated in a way that is both easy understand, and to implement. David earns my highest recommendation.

LettY - Vancouver BC.