You and your competitors are looking for help with their Google Business Profile.

The question is who will ask for help first?

Here is where you can start increasing your profile's authority: Help Me

An optimized Google Business Profile formerly known as Google My Business, is the most important piece of digital

real estate for your business on the search results page.

It's the first and most prominent result shown when your business name is searched

as it is displayed at the top of the results page on both desktop and mobile views.

The Google Profile is also your most important and the easiest tool to use that directly affects your Local SEO or

Search Engine Optimization for your business in search results and Google Maps ranking.

 Starting and verifying your profile is easy; crafting and optimizing it to represent your business and keeping it

updated with new content including photos, videos and posts can be a challenge.

Knowing what content is prioritized and visible on both mobile and desktop is critical to success.

Last fall I was asked to speak on 'Why your Small Business needs a Google Business Profile" for the
#LevelUp Academy. The session includes a several ideas and suggestions on how to out rank your competition in

Google's 3-Pack and Google Map Pack in this session with a BONUS tip at the end.

Here is your link to the seminar:

Experience has proven over and over again that a higher rank in the map pack or 3 pack (visible at the top of

the google results on your mobile phone) results in more customer calls and engagements which leads to more sales.

Many profiles have been verified , but your basic Google profile that was started years ago will not rank neat the top 

 and lead to more visibility leading to new customers if it's not updated regularly with new photos,

videos and new posts and offers.

Regular Activity such as adding photos, updates, offers, products and services are just a few of content that can be

added to the profile can work to  increase ranking, increase conversions, both  of these are critical to your success.

To increase attention and view time on your profile, successful local brands are turning professionals like us. So you

can focus on running your business. We work on optimizing and maintaining your Google Business Profile and

posting regularly so that your clients and people looking for your products and services are kept up to date.

Here are 8 steps to optimize your Google Business Profile:

1/ Make sure your Name Address and Phone Number are consistent and up to date (Pro Tip - Periods and

short forms must the same as on your website (and back links or citations) as St and St. or Street are not

viewed as the same address by the local search algorithm)

2/ Write a business description up to 750 characters long.

3/ Choose the best category for your business and add supplemental categories to help you business to be

found when searched.

4/ Upload a variety (a minimum 10 to start) original images - use your mobile phone - to give people a feel for

your business and the products and services offered.

5/ Ask for and respond to every Google Review both positive and negative.

6/ Add a Google Update Posts on (at least one a week) to increase local search visibility and brand awareness.

Updates and offers are even more effective if they include a photo or short video.

7/ Add Products and Services to the profile to the relevant sections provided. Pro Tip - Include a photo for

each product - as they are displayed on mobile search.

8/ Use Google Q&A's to provide additional information about your business, its products or services.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile will increase your findability and increase engagement

with clients and prospects with the goal of increasing sales and adding to your bottom line!

PRO TIP - When did you last search for how easily your business appears online? 

We recommend you search every other month - in private or hidden browser mode

- to see how your prospective customers see your business in the search results.

With a little work every week, you can control part of what appears at the top of search results and increase

the search authority of your business.

Supporting your brand channels using LinkedIn Company pages and LinkedIn Showcase pages offer an

additional free and low cost results on  Search Engine Results Page, which increases the perceived authority

of your company and its products or services.

We can help! - Regular video posts, will increase your perception of expertise. Video content, that is properly

formatted for each social media site, is retained longer in memory and portrays a sense of expertise that text

and photo posts alone cannot compete with Social Media Video. Video posts are viewed longer and increase the

opportunities for viewer's engagement with the post.

 PRO TIP: One of the most valuable metrics is video watch-time, not post views or likes.

Yes, We Can Help Your Business be Seen!

The creation of optimized content both text and images for each of your business' brand pages on Facebook, 

 LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business Profile and Google Maps has never been more important.

Followers are conditioned by each of the platforms to make quick decisions as part of the purchasing process,

and each social platform presents your written content in a slightly different format.

Name, Address and Phone Number or NAP - How do you want to be contacted?

We'll ensure that your contact information and product and service information are up to date and correct.

We recommend that you choose to focus your efforts on a couple platforms to start.

A Google Business Profile is a primary tool that will increase your brand's visibility in search as it appears

prominently on both mobile, desktop search and on Google maps.

Working with dozens of clients in Hamilton, Halton, Grimsby, Ancaster and across Canada over  the last 9

years provides you with the benefit of our local experience.

Whether your Google Business Profile page has been claimed or not, we'll help you kick start your profile.

Effective use of posts, offers, videos, image along with profile management is key to increasing ranking on

local search results page. Completion and optimization of your profile, including products and services with images,

is essential.

Services Offered

GBP Re-Verification

GBP Management

Local Content Creation

Citation Building

Spam Removal

GBP Review Responding

GBP Optimization

Local Photo and Video Creation and Posting

Auditing of GBP and GBP Citations

GBP Reinstatement

Thanks for reaching this far, here's one last PRO TIP:

What do your prospective customers see when they search for your business? The first Monday of each month

is a good reminder to review your brand's search results page and Google Business Profile.

Customer visible aspects of operating your business have changed. The info, images and videos that a prospect first

sees about your business must be correct and engaging. 

If you see problems your the organic search results or Google Maps and are not sure how to proceed, we can help.

Virtual consultations on Google Business Profile Optimization, increasing engagement, and social media video

are available, and we are now booking until the end of 2022.


For more information on how you can increase your business's findability. Let's set up a time to talk.

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